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Arachni is an Open Source, feature rich, high performance Ruby framework aimed towards helping pen testers and administrators review the security of web applications.

Its intelligent, self training and monitoring system gives it a distinct advantage over other web applications testing solutions. Learning from the web application’s behavior during the scan process and is able to perform metadata analysis using various factors in order to correctly assess the trustworthiness of results and intelligently identify (or avoid) false-positives.

Arachni takes into account the dynamic nature of web applications, can detect changes caused while travelling through the paths of a web application’s cyclomatic complexity and is able to adjust itself accordingly. This way, attack/input vectors that would otherwise be undetectable by non-humans can be handled seamlessly.

Arachni Scanner Online

Arachni Scanner Online



Arachni Scanner Online is now part of our penetration testing tool set that is available online via our portal

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