FBI asks Apple for access to encrypted iPhone data

  Tim Cook, chief executive of Apple, has recently stated that the FBI’s recent US court order to enable them to access the mobile phone of San Bernardino killer Syed Farook is “dangerous”, “chilling” and “unprecedented”. Apple’s lack of co-operat[...]

Website and Web Server Security Testing

If you had ever wondered how we go about some of our work relating to both Web Site and Web Server testing, here’s how: Security Audit would normally first of all examine your websites individual pages, your applications and your web servers to identify any security weaknesses and vulnerabilities [...]

How to check a link is safe before clicking on it

With one click online you could either end up reading an amazing story or having someone try to steal your personal details! Online you are sometimes no more than one click away from danger; it really is a minefield out there. It is more important than ever nowadays to not click on malicious links, [...]

Is your personal data safe with Data Brokers?

A great many respected website and IT security experts expect to see enormous breaches of personal data in the near future. In fact, such breaches of data may be happening right now but we are simply not aware of them! The problem we all face nowadays is centralised around mysterious Data Brokers, i[...]

Third party penetration testing

If you are considering a penetration test or pen test, often the best way to conduct such a test is to engage a third party penetration testing company who have no prior knowledge of your systems. This has several benefits, as listed below: No prior knowledge of your system, ensuring a fair and re[...]

How can companies protect themselves from cyber-attacks?

How can companies protect themselves from cyber-attacks? As the prevalence of hacking, phishing and various other online scams increases, it is important that you look after your IT security across the board. Data is a valuable commodity and, if stolen in significant volume, virtually priceless to b[...]

Tools to Perform Website Penetration Testing Yourself

When it comes to security online, we have pretty much seen what the lone wolf and the organized groups of hackers are capable of. And something tells me that we are beginning to see a burgeoning phenomenon which is only going to get worse with time. Fortunately for you, there are ways in which you c[...]

The Rise of Hacker-For-Hire Websites

The most hip and happening spot for shady characters online has got to be the new hacker for hire websites that have mushroomed all over the internet. Finally, hacking is no longer something which is reserved just for hacktivists, governments or intelligence agencies. Now even you can hire a freelan[...]