Cryptographic Libraries/APIs


  • IETF
    • GSS-API: Common Authentication Technology (cat)
      • RFC1961 GSS-API Authentication Method for SOCKS Version 5, P. McMahon, June 1996.
      • RFC1964 The Kerberos Version 5 GSS-API Mechanism, J. Linn, June 1996.
      • RFC2025 The Simple Public-Key GSS-API Mechanism (SPKM), C. Adams, October 1996.
      • RFC2203 RPCSEC_GSS Protocol Specification, M. Eisler, A. Chiu and L. Ling. September 1997.
      • RFC2478 The Simple and Protected GSS-API Negotiation Mechanism, E. Baize and D. Pinkas, December 1998.
      • RFC2479 Independent Data Unit Protection Generic Security Service Application Program Interface (IDUP-GSS-API), C. Adams, December 1998.
      • RFC2623 NFS Version 2 and Version 3 Security Issues and the NFS Protocol’s Use of RPCSEC_GSS and Kerberos V5, M. Eisler, June 1999.
      • RFC2743 Generic Security Service Application Program Interface Version 2, Update 1, J. Linn, January 2000. (Obsoletes RFC1508, RFC2078).
      • RFC2744 Generic Security Service API Version 2 : C-bindings, J. Wray, January 2000. (Obsoletes RFC1509).
      • RFC2853 Generic Security Service API Version 2 : Java Bindings, J. Kabat and M. Upadhyay, June 2000.
    • SPKM:
      • RFC2025 The Simple Public-Key GSS-API Mechanism (SPKM), C. Adams, October 1996.
      • RFC2847 LIPKEY – A Low Infrastructure Public Key Mechanism Using SPKM, M. Eisler, June 2000.
    • Crypto API.
      • RFC2628 Simple Cryptographic Program Interface (Crypto API), V. Smyslov, June 1999.
    • PF_KEY API.
      • RFC2367 PF_KEY Key Management API, Version 2, C. Metz and B. Phan, July 1998.
  • Open Group
  • Microsoft
  • RSA Security

Cryptographic Libraries / APIs

  • SSLeay by Eric Young.
    This Library and programs is FREE for commercial and non-commercial usage.
  • CryptoLib by Jack Lacy, Don Mitchell and Matt Blaze.
  • cryptlib by Peter Gutmann.
    Encryption library supporting a large number of encryption algorithms, digital signatures, key exchange, X.509/PKIX/SET certificates, CA functionality, key databases, HTTP and LDAP directory access, smart cards, S/MIME, and secure enveloping.
  • Crypto++ by Wei Dai.
    Crypto++ is a free C++ class library of cryptographic schemes.
    Our Cryptographic toolkit for C/C++ developers, our Internet release version is available to the public to download.
  • BSAFEeay by Tim Hudson and Eric Young.
    BSAFEeay is a free, public domain implementation of RSA Data Security’s BSAFE API, using the SSLeay crypto library.[JAVA]
  • Java™ Security API:
  • Cryptix.
    Java crypto library.
  • SSLava by Phaos Technology.
    The Phaos SSLava™ product line is the industry’s leading set of products for communicating securely in Java, with the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and TLS (Transport Layer Security) protocols.
  • PureTLS by Eric Rescorla (Claymore Systems, Inc.).
    PureTLS is a free Java-only implementation of the SSLv3 and TLSv1 (RFC2246) protocols.[Big Number Libraries]
  • GMP.
    GMP is a free C-language library for arbitrary precision arithmetic, operating on signed integers, rational numbers, and floating point numbers.
  • The International PGP Home Page.
    The PGPi project is a non-profit initiative, whose purpose is to make PGP freely and legally available worldwide. The project is largely based on unpaid, voluntary effort by security and privacy minded individuals.
  • OpenSSL Project.
    The OpenSSL Project is a collaborative effort to develop a robust, commercial-grade, full-featured, and Open Source toolkit implementing the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL v2/v3) and Transport Layer Security (TLS v1) protocols as well as a full-strength general purpose cryptography library.
  • GPG(GNU Privacy Guard), Germany.
    The project is intended to foster the widespread use of encryption technology in general and the GNU Privacy Guard (GnuPG) in particular.


Miscellaneous Crypto Libraries