Cryptolocker Decrypted

Finally the infamous ransomware Cryptolocker has been cracked by the smart folk at FireEye and FoxIT. Previously unwilling victims of the randomware Cryptolocker had been forced to pay up before their encryption key was destroyed. The ransomware worked by encrypting users documents and would only allow you access to them again once a payment was made to a bitcoin account, within 72 hours, or all encryption keys for your files would be destroyed.

It now appears the people at FoxIT have discovered the set of keys the Russian cybercrime gang used, and have made a site to decrypt your files for free. All you have to do is upload an encrypted file that you can no longer access, and put in your email address and the decryption key will be emailed to you, saving you the need to pay up to the crooks.

You can access the DecryptCryptolocker website here.