Cyber Forensics and Incident Response

Security Audit Systems offer cyber incident response and breach analysis.  On average 30,000 websites are hacked daily, according to Sophos Labs, many hacks are conducted silently by organised criminals, who use your infrastructure for financial gain, often in the form of spam/link advertising or malicious software downloads. Not only is this a breach of your assets, its possible sensitive data has been stolen, and if you are an unlucky victim that has been spamming unknowingly, Google will penalise your website and traffic will drop dramatically. If you suspect your critical servers have been compromised and are being used by malicious hackers, this is a service that can help you identify the problem and allow you to fix it. The aim of this service is to conduct cyber forensics on known breached/compromised hosts, and provide you with useful feedback to understand how the breach happened and what malicious activity has been conducted.

Cyber Forensics and Cyber Incident Response

  • Remote extensive analysis of logs and file system changes
  • Malicious operating system and application changes identification
  • Determine how breach was made where possible
  • Track the hacker and monitor activities on system
  • Offer advise on patching the security vulnerability
  • Perform gap analysis on compromised host and advise on hardening options
  • Assist with issues such as black listing / SEO ranking drops due to compromise/spam if required

Security Audit Systems offer a variety of cyber forensics services to suit different business requirements. Get in touch using the information below, and we can help you recover your compromised servers and bring back normal operations.

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