Firewall Security Testing

Security Audit Systems are able to put your firewall to the test using the latest attack techniques being used by malicious hackers.

We can perform firewall security tests against:

Firewall test

Firewall security checks include:

  • Known firewall vulnerabilities are tested remotely against your device. We have access to a large database of known and not so known exploits that can disrupt firewall functionality.
  • NSA exploit kit tests to ensure you are patched against the latest vulnerabilities.
  • Version analysis is performed against your firewall. This will tell us if your firewall is running old or out of date firmware.
  • Firewall filtering test. We will use a variety of common attack methods used to disrupt/bring down devices such as web servers, and see how well your firewall filters the attacks.
  • Advice and recommendations on how to mitigate DDoS attacks, and what you can do to increase the chances of surviving a sustained attack (often due to cyber criminals making ransom demands).

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