How do I know if I need a Website Security Audit?

The importance of Web Penetration Testing

Almost every day we hear news about how a certain company had its information leaked due to a hacking activity. These incidents are rarely foreseeable and cause substantial damage to the company.

Not only do they cost money, they can sometimes damage the reputation of a company irreparably. Customers trust websites with their data, and if a website gets hacked, all that trust may be lost. This is why security audits and penetration testing are important tools, which help a company save money in the long term by making sure that the vulnerable areas of their network are properly secured.

Why do you need a security audit or penetration testing?

So if you have sensitive or important client information on your website; or if you simply wish to secure your website; you should know that period security audits are a necessity. Penetration testing is a method which analyzes security threats and network vulnerabilities in a systematic and practical way.

It simulates an attack, after which the flaws of the security system become apparent, and can be addressed. This highlights the system flaws which could be most dangerous to a network, and which have the highest probability of being exploited.

Any business with sensitive data on their system, should consider getting a penetration test or at least some form of security audit. Getting tested helps your business function efficiently and provides additional intelligence to seek funding in the future for changes that need to be made within the security system of the business.

Article written by Security Audit Systems on 8/12/2014