Infrastructure Penetration Testing

Security Audit Systems have a range of internal network penetration testing services to suit both small and large networks. This service provides an in-depth discovery and analysis of your network from an within your local network infrastructure and LAN. This service is designed for clients who wish to know their internal infrastructure is secure from local attack vectors.  With this service, we visit your premises and perform physical network security checks as well as technical vulnerability assessments to see if we can then penetration the network and move across it. The service would be especially useful for people who have dedicated firewalls, office PCs/Servers and other physical network appliances that require testing and hardening.  Prior to all infrastructure penetration testing, we work with you to ensure the project scope and objectives are set to maximise your return on investment, and to be sure all areas of the test are explained to you. We take internal network penetration testing to the highest level, and aim to ensure that your equipment has been extensively scrutinised by highly qualified network engineers so you have peace of mind that your business assets are running as securely as possible.

infrastructure penetration testing

Should we find vulnerabilities we will categorise and rank the threats and impact they would have upon successful exploitation within the target network. We can conduct non intrusive internal network vulnerability assessments as well as penetration tests, should you wish to lower the risk factor to your networked devices. Our penetration tests are done using ‘real world’ attack exploitation techniques, which simulate a real hack attempt from within the LAN to gain access to your internal networks critical systems. Security engineers will conduct a ‘fingerprint‘ style analysis of your network using a unique tool set that is designed to thoroughly analyse and weed out potential problems.

Network Security Scans

Security Audit Systems offer a variety of network security scans to suit different business requirements. If you would like a network security scan then contact us for further information about the service. Scan your network today by calling Security Audit Systems on the number below to get a free consultation and quotation.

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