Internal Penetration Testing


Security Audit Systems offer internal penetration testing services (whitebox pentration testing) for businesses that are looking at getting an in-depth analysis of their online assets. The aim of this service is to provide a realistic simulation of an attack against your network, with an added layer of security testing. This added layer of testing may be that you wish to have various user accounts tested, or the internal server platform checked, and provide us with credentials to test such features of the platform you are concerned about. This is known as an internal penetration test or whitebox test, as we have been given some level of access to the target system. Sometimes this extra layer of testing is useful to companies that have a hierarchical structure within a web application, that need in-depth testing, which may all contain different privileges, for example, an admin account compared to a standard user account. Typically internal penetration testing is more expensive than its counterpart, external penetration testing, as it involves performing first the external penetration test, and then the specific internal penetration testing (whitebox) analysis of the areas that bring most concern to the client.

Security Audit Systems will include checking the following when performing an internal penetration test:

  • Google Hacking and Finding all Pubic information about the target
  • DNS Analysis
  • Footprinting
  • Port Scanning
  • System and Service profiling
  • Network Intrusion Detection System bypass techniques
  • Host Performance Testing (DDoS Test Simulation)
  • Internal Pen Test (Whitebox Assessment as per scope)
  • Vulnerability Assessments
  • Web Fuzzing / Brute Force testing
  • Exploit Research and Development
  • Reporting and Remediation
  • Advice and future proofing with our Continual Protection Service (CPS) for retesting


Security Audit Systems offer a range of penetration testing solutions. If you would like a penetration test then feel free to contact us for further information about the service.

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