Joomla Website Security Audit

Are you running a Joomla based website? Do you want to audit the security of the Joomla installation?

Security Audit Systems offer in-depth Joomla security testing and auditing services. See below for a summary of what we check for when looking at your Joomla security:

  • Actively audit your Joomla installation and check your file/directory permissions.
  • A full Joomla penetration test will be performed. Review our home page to find out how Joomla penetration testing works.
  • Joomla plugins and modules will get checked, looking for known weaknesses that exist in certain versions.
  • Joomla core and custom pages will be checked for vulnerabilities that match the OWASP top 10, and if found, we will advise how to fix any issues we uncover.
  • We have access to fast Joomla security scanners and analysis tool which will check your website for vulnerabilities.
  • A full audit / penetration testing report will be supplied for your Joomla website, to show you how you can improve security and fix detected issues.

Joomla Website Security


With all of the above information you will get the best possible Joomla security in place and learn best practice Joomla security techniques when securing your Joomla website in future.

If you are interested in getting your Joomla site security checked, contact us for a quote.