Look@LAN for Windows 7

Look@LAN is a simple, fast, network host and service discovery tool for Windows, Mac & Linux.

This software has now been replaced with Fing for Windows.

Fing is a small lightweight command line tool for Windows, Mac, Linux and Mobile devices that lets you scan and discover active hosts on your network. It also lets you detect the running services on each host and will allow you to export the data into a variety of formats. Look@Lan for Windows is currently being redeveloped by Overlook software to form part of a new GUI release, which is expected to be released shortly.

Fing for Windows is currently increasing in popularity, it allows fast scanning and constant host detection with its default loop feature, which is ideal for constantly flagging up any new hosts on your network.

Fing has a built in command to simplify the scanning process and let you learn the available switches. This command can be used in the following way:

fing -interactive 

This command will perform fing discovery on a specified host and automatically explain the available switches to you. Fing is now the replacement tool for Look@LAN which is no longer supported on Windows 7

Look@LAN for Windows still works on Microsoft Windows XP and 32bit Operating Systems. You can download it from CNET.