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Nmap 6 Features

Posted by on Jul 5, 2012 in Security BlogNo comments

The creator of Nmap, Fyodor, has released a new version of his popular network scanner, Nmap 6.

Below is a list of six key new features included in version 6 of Nmap.

1) Enhanced Nmap Scripting Engine (NSE)

Now with over 348 scripts for Nmap 6, an increase of over 300 from the previous Nmap version.

2) Better Web Scanning

Nmap 6 now offers better enumeration for web based applications with more scanning techniques available for SSL

3) Full IPv6 Support

There is now full IPv6 support in Nmap 6 using the switch -6 followed by the IPv6 address

4) Nping Support

Integrated into Nmap 6 is the new open source Nping tool, this allows for network stress testing and ping sweeping / network response time monitoring

5) ZenMAP

An upgraded version of the popular GUI ZenMAP tool is included in Nmap 6

6) Faster Scanning

Heavy auditing of the Nmap code, and memory allocation monitoring has introduced faster response times when using the NSE.

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