Standards for Efficient Cryptography Group (SECG)

    • The Standards for Efficient Cryptography Group (SECG), an industry consortium, was founded in 1998 to develop commercial standards that facilitate the adoption of efficient cryptography and interoperability across a wide range of computing platforms. SECG members include leading technology companies and key industry players in the information security industry.

The Final SEC specifications:

Current Drafts

Some drafts standards are in preparation and have been released for review.

Superseded Documents

Some documents, such as previous and draft versions of the standards, have been superseded, including the following documents.

SECG Member Contributed Documents

  • Review of SEC 1, Phillip Rogaway(UC Davis.), 9/16/99 (local copy).
  • Review of SEC 1, Dan Boneh(Stanford Univ.), 9/13/99 (local copy).
  • Compressed ECC Parameters, Nigel Smart(HP), 3/9/99 (local copy).
  • Reversible Data Mixing Procedure for Efficient Public-Key Encryption, M. Matyas, M. Peyravian, A. Roginsky, N. Zunic(IBM), 3/9/99 (local copy).

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