Secure WordPress Hosting

Security Audit Systems offer secure WordPress hosting solutions. If you have a high traffic website and demand the very best in secure hosting for your WordPress installation, look no further.

What makes Security Audit Systems different?

Security Audit Systems is a network and website penetration testing company, our foundations have been built on security expertise. We are not a hosting company that builds mass servers for thousands of clients and sells them off anyhow to make a profit. We customise, build and maintain each server on a client by client basis. All of our servers are private, you will never share your server with another customer, the server we sell you is yours and yours only. Our core business is to test networks/websites for security vulnerabilities, our clients come to us from around the globe to use our security penetration testing services to better protect themselves against emerging threats. Put simply, we know security and know how to build secure, stable servers and would be happy to tackle the task for you.

How our secure WordPress hosting works:

  • We work with you to get to know your WordPress site statistics, and build your custom server to match its requirements, ensuring it is scalable as you grow your website.
  • The server above is YOUR server, we eliminate lateral threats from housing multiple websites on the same server.
  • We migrate your website to our secure servers, ensuring there is no downtime.
  • We perform an initial WordPress Security Audit to lock down your installation using tried and tested techniques.
  • Post installation and hardening we set up monitoring for certain security events that our engineers will actively monitor and mitigate.
  • We enable server snapshots for ‘whole’ server backups weekly, this comes as standard with all our Managed WordPress security offerings.
  • We schedule regular database/file dumps ensuring permissions are maintained allowing for quick restores, and monitor backup ‘success’ notifications.

managed wordpress security

If you demand the best in managed WordPress security for your website, we highly advise giving this service a go. You won’t regret it!

If you have any questions about this service, contact our technical team today to discuss your requirements.