Third party penetration testing

If you are considering a penetration test or pen test, often the best way to conduct such a test is to engage a third party penetration testing company who have no prior knowledge of your systems. This has several benefits, as listed below:

  • No prior knowledge of your system, ensuring a fair and realistic penetration test is conducted.
  • Compliance when dealing with PCI or other security standards.
  • Having a third party assess your existing security arrangements can add insight and be of great benefit.
  • Independent reports, issued from outside of your organisation can show you are prepared to engage independent professionals when dealing with security which in turn helps reassure clients.

penetration testing

Security Audit Systems offers independent third party penetration tests, if you are interested in finding out more about how our service works, click here. Alternatively, if you are ready to put your website to the test, click here to contact us and book your penetration test today.