Top 5 Security Apps for iPhone

Below are a selection of security apps you can install on your iPhone or Android smartphone.

1) GadgetTrak

This handy little app allows you to track your iphone once enabled. You can also send push messages to your phone telling the person who has it that it’s being tracked. One of the features that makes this app unique to any of the other phone tracking apps is the ability to activate the camera remotely and take snapshots from the phone.

2) TrendMicro Antivirus

Finally a big antivirus firm has developed an app for the iPhone. Despite there being several other competitors, when it comes to an antivirus solution you need a large company so you know you have good antivirus definitions from a huge database. TrendMicro’s solution helps provide a solid antivirus solution for iPhones

3) KeepSafe

This handy little app allows you to securely lock away your pictures in a password protected encrypted vault that only the password holder has access to.  You can also create a public gallery that allows friends or anyone else to view these pictures yet still keep you private ones safely hidden.

4) Password Pro

This is a great app for people who have multiple usernames/passwords for websites. It securely stores the credentials for websites in a vault allowing automatic input when a website is visited that it has the credentials for. It is very useful if you have too many passwords to remember!

5) Fingerprint Security

This allows you to lock and unlock your phone with the user of your unique fingerprint. If someone tries to get access to the phone using an incorrect fingerprint an alarm will be sound alerting the owner that someone is attempting to gain access to the phone.

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