Website Security Check

Security Audit Systems provide a service that allows webmasters to have their website security checked against the latest web vulnerabilities. This service is the same as having a Website Penetration Test which gives you a detailed report on our findings once the security checks have been performed.

A full website security check is performed, capable of identifying the OWASP top 10 web vulnerabilities and other not so common website flaws.

What do you get?

  • Detailed fingerprint analysis of your website/app and server
  • Vulnerability assessment, identifying and classifying any threats we find on your website or server
  • Optional exploitation check, to test the flaws and see if we can actually break anything or gain access to the server
  • Guidelines on how you fix the flaws we discover and an idea as to the impact they would have if left unfixed
  • A 20-30 page report containing all of the above, and further recommendations to better protect your online assets
  • Optional hardening or additional services are available after the initial security health check


Website Security Testing


To take advantage of our Website Security Check services please contact us today to speak to a security consultants who can advise you as to which service best suits your businesses requirements.

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