Windows 7 security essentials

Below is an outline of key security features you should have enabled in Windows 7 to help protect against attack or virus infection.

1) Windows Updates

This is an essential aspect of Windows. If you do not have Windows Updates enabled, your PC will become out of date, as software bugs are discovered, leaving you vulnerable to attack.

How to check the status of Windows Updates?

Start > Control Panel > Windows Updates > Change Settings (left) > Ensure that ‘install updates automatically (recommended)’ is selected from the drop down menu.

2) Windows Firewall

The Windows Firewall will guard against malicious programs communicating to and from your computer. It is vital to have this service running, especially if you are directly connected to the internet, or have web facing services such as a web server running.

How to check the status of the Windows Firewall?

Start > Control Panel > Windows Firewall > Turn Windows Firewall On/Off (left) > Ensure each section is marked as ‘Turn On Windows Firewall’

3) Microsoft Windows Security Essentials

This is a free Virus and Malware scanner provided by Microsoft. It’s a very popular and effective scanner and worth having installed.

How to I get Windows 7 Security Essentials?

A quick Google search will lead you to the software.

4) Microsoft Windows Defender

This is a tool that protects against malicious software, and web based popups. It’s slightly different than Windows Essential, as it detects spyware and rogue software.

How to I get Windows Defender?

A quick Google search will lead you to the software.