Wireless Security Audits

Modern businesses now nearly always incorporate wireless technology into their infrastructure because of the huge benefits and popularity of using wifi through smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. Wireless has helped bring flexibility to internet access and ease of access within a business, allowing staff to access the internet on the move, often anywhere within the premises.

Unfortunately with this greater flexibility and ease of accessing the internet comes an increased level of threat to businesses infrastructure. Often wireless signals extend beyond the realms of the business, and into neighbouring buildings, offices and parks. This allows the wireless signal (SSIDs) to be picked up by anyone else using a wireless device, and at a minimum attempt to guess weak passwords to use your business wireless network. Should your wireless configuration be weak, access to your corporate WAN, and LAN could be granted to an outsider of the organisation, and not only that, but if you do not have the correct policies in place, what is to stop an employee sharing the wireless password with a friend or business associate, granting them full access to your network. If using this simple security setup, eventually your wireless password will be distributed and used by someone outside of the organisation.

Wireless Security Audit Service

  • Conduct wireless security audit and report feedback
  • Attempt to crack/break into wireless network
  • Strengthen encryption methods
  • Check for rogue access points
  • Misconfiguration and firmware checks
  • Advice on employee wireless policies / guest network setup

If you are interested in our wireless security audit service, and are concerned that your business wireless network is insecure, get in touch today to book an audit and find out more about what this service has to offer.

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