DDoS Protection


Security Audit Systems offer a variety of DDoS Protection systems designed to counter even the most intense DDoS attacks. If your business is in the gambling market, statistics show that you are more than likely to sustain a DDoS extortion attempt, and the more successful your website, the odds of you being attacked significantly increase. With the average extortion value being around $40,000, can you justify not having DDoS Protection? Research has also revealed the majority of the hacking groups running the extortion attempts originate from Eastern Europe, and the likelyhood of any government agency being able to arrest people located in this region where they have little power or influence is extremely low.

How a DDoS attack works

 DDoS attack simulation example

Info: Above image shows how a botnet is coordinated by a criminal hacking group aka ‘botnet masters’. They send signals to thousands of compromised PC’s which are controlled from Command & Control Servers that act as a central gathering place for all the zombie PC’s to connect to when online. These servers are often compromised high powered servers, or server that have been purchased with hacked credit cards from the harvested data on the zombie PC’s. Once the command is given, the zombie PC’s can flood the victim’s server offline, putting and end to business operations, often until a ransom is paid.

DDoS Attack Proxy Filtering Service (PFS)

This service works by implementing a DNS change, and is the quickest way of mitigating a DDoS attack for new clients. DNS is routed through our DDoS Protection systems which filter the bad traffic from the good, ensuring only clean traffic reaches your website. This service is ideal for HTTP(S) protection and provides an immediate filter for small to medium size businesses. DDoS Protection is achieved by a unique set of traffic pattern mapping tools, identifying rogue traffic from genuine, allowing us to send all malicious web requests to a virtual black hole.

DDoS Attack Advanced Filtering Service (AFS)

This is our preferred sustained DDoS protection platform, for enterprise clients. This service protects all listening services/ports from the clients premises by an advanced Boarder Gateway Protocol (BGP) that monitors all your businesses equipment for DDoS attacks. Once an attack has been detected, the BGP pushes the malicious traffic to our cloud based DDoS mitigation infrastructure, ensuring normal operational activity is restored to your services instantly.

Outbound Attack Analysis

If your business has been accused of attacking other networks, and you are unsure how this has happened, consider our penetration testing service, which will actively monitor outbound network traffic, and pinpoint the cause of the malicious traffic leaving your network. This is often the result of a PC being hijacked, or worse a server or network router being compromised.

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