Network Security Penetration Testing

Looking for the very best in network security penetration testing?

Security Audit Systems offer in-depth network security testing services, conducted by CREST and OSCP registered penetration testers.


network penetration testing

How does network penetration testing work?

  • We work with you to establish a testing scope, this will give you a security testing baseline of what is going to be tested and how.
  • We set to work and begin to conduct network reconnaissance and information gathering through network enumeration tools.
  • Once we have established a baseline of your network configuration, we start the network vulnerability detection phase using a range of software suites and manual checks.
  • All network resources are checked for known flaws, then further manual checks are carried out against all open services operating on the detected network nodes.
  • Should network vulnerabilities be discovered, we will attempt to exploit and gain access to the nodes/services and further escalate privileges.
  • Should we successfully breach a network node, we will begin to attempt to move laterally across the network, attempting to compromise further nodes.
  • Once testing is complete, a detailed report will be passed onto you outlining the results of the network security penetration test.
  • The report will detail what we discovered, how serious the threats are, what you can do to fix them and further network security improvement recommendations.

Aftercare is a key part of what we offer, and we will provide you with a recommendations on how you can maintain high security standards. You are optionally invited to join our Continuous Protection Service (CPS), where we add your network hosts to our monitoring programme and keep you informed of any potential new threats that may impact your services.

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